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11:01pm 23/11/2005
  I just puked all over the floor of a persian restaurant.  

(1 never sleep God knows we'll try )

My recent idiocy   
04:12pm 14/11/2005
mood: dorky
So I was working out at the gym with some of my suitemates and we started with the treadmill. I had been on one a whole one other time before and I couldn't let go of the bar because it's moving and scary. Finally I got the hang of it and I was running along nicely when after about twenty minutes of running I trip and totally eat shit. I grabbed the handle things in a desprately sad attempt to pull myself back up. I eventually managed to escape with only minor rugburns on my knees and a massive burn to my ego. My suitemates have told pretty much everyone else in the dorm so now I look like a major klutz, but I don't blame them because I'd totally do the same thing if it was one of them. Yeah I don't really know what the purpose of this was but I hope someone got a good laugh out of it. Shoot, I did.

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new layout!   
03:45pm 04/11/2005
mood: blah
You know that feeling you get after you change the way your journal looks? Like you just can't stop staring at how cool it currently is. It makes you want to not be lame and actually write stuff. Yeah. Anyway, it's been a pretty crazy week. Randomly in the middle of the week I went and camped out on the cold ground of Vista del Campo in a sad attempt to get really cool housing for next year. The rest of the story kinda of pisses me off so in order to maintain a fairly decent demeanor I'm not going to explain it, but yeah let's just say people aren't cool. Randomly I wish people would stop asking me if anything's wrong.

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11:05pm 01/11/2005
  Wow I used to write in this thing kind of all the time. Well maybe not. It was much more than just once every nine weeks or whatever. But yeah. I am sure there are a ton of things I could write about because yeah believe it or not interesting things do happen to me. So I really don't know what all this is about really.

Anyway, I am a PASS intern. Yay for Philipino clubs that white people can join! Yeah. I'm going to go back at stare at the essay screen again.

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stolen from emily. I'm an emo goth apparently. heh   
01:11am 26/08/2005
Do you wear black eyeliner?: when I'm not too lazy to put it on
Is most of your clothing black?: black and blue and brown pretty equally
Do you think about death often? yes, but not mine it's really weird. anyway.
Do you want to die?: no
Are you a social outcast?: I don't think so
Are you pale?: ha.
Do you like Hot Topic?: it's ok
Do you enjoy Tim Burton's Movies?: yes
Are you nice?: yes
Are you fond of a fair complexion?: I'm currently working on my anti-tan.
Total YES: 8ish/10

--Skater --
Can you skateboard?: no
do you wear Vans?: I have a cool pair of vans
Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?: um... not realy
Have you gotten in trouble with the PIGS: no
Do you listen to punk bands?: yes
Do you have any piercings?: yes but just ears
Do you like/wear mohawks?: no
Do you wear Band t-shirts: yes
Have you called someone a poser?: not seriously
Do you think punk rock is awsome?: yes
Total YES: 5/10

Do you say the word "like": yes
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: no
Are the A&F models hot?: yes
Do you pop the collar?: oh jeez no.
Do the people in Hot topic scare you?: no
The only nerd you like is Seth Cohen: no I like the nerdy type
Do you watch LAGUNA BEACH?: nope
Do you like pop music: some of it
Do you want/have a little dog?: it's not mine
Do you spend your money on expensive clothes: no
Total YES: 3/10

Is your hair long?: it's middle-ly
Are you a vegetarian/vegan?: no
Do you own a tye~dye shirt?: no
Do you want peace?: yes but this is a loaded question.
Do you want to save the animals? yes (this too)
Do you think the war is unneccesary?: no
Is love essential in your life? I guess
Violence is bad: yes but would anyone honestly say no?
Have you smoked pot?: no
Do you go long periods of time without shaving?: um... maybe?
Total YES: 5/10

Are you from the ghetto?: no
Do you own "bling bling"?: no
Do you wear do-rags?:no
Do you like hip-hop?: yes actually sometimes it just feels right. This is only when I am very alone though so don't go telling people.
Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?: eh
Do you believe he's alive?: no
Do you like afros: no
Have you ever said 'fo shizzle'?: not that I can remember
Do you like to dance?: yes (hip-hop aerobics!)
Do you call someone your homie?: no
Total YES: 2/10

Do you cry often?: lately yes
Are you emotional?: yes
Do you like soft music: yes
Do people not understand you?: um... sometimes
Do you write your own songs?: badly and you will never hear them. It would help if I could actually play the guitar well though.
Is your hair dyed dark?: it was
Do you cut?: no
Are you lonely?: yes
Is Ohio For Lovers?: heh like that song. sure.
Do you own haggard shoes: yes
Total YES: 8ish/10

Do you surf?: no but I'd like to
Do you wear flip flops year-round?: yes
Is your hair shaggy?: nope
Do you wake up at 6 or before every morning?: ha ha.
Do you own any pairs of shorts?: yes one.
Are you tan? the opposite
Do you have alot of patience?: no
Do you want to be at theh... don't know what that says...
Do you have good balance?: yeah, no.
TOTAL yes: 2/9

Do you wear glasses: no
Do you get good grades?: yeah mostly
Do you use an inhaler?:.only sometimes
Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets?: nope
Does your mom pick out your clothes?: no
Are you on the computer often?: yes
Do you ever get picked on?: not really
Do you look forward to going to school?: yes but it's because I am really over this whole summer business.
Are you shy around the opposite sex?: I'm shy around most people in general.
Do people laugh at you?: yes but not in the way this is asking
Total YES: 4/10

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07:20pm 08/03/2005
mood: complacent
How do you come back from not writing for a while? With a rediculous meme of course!Collapse )
That was sadly to pleasing. Especially the part about snoop dogg being my bitter ex. Good times. So yeah I don't know what to write anymore. Um yeah keep on keeping on I guess. This one sucks so maybe more latter.

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I know that it is freezing, but I think we have to walk   
11:45pm 28/01/2005
mood: blah
Been awhile I guess. Didn't really know what to say and actually I still don't. There are things I could talk about but I'm sure some of you don't really care so I'll just say that this is the prettiest song I've heard in awhile. I had no idea there was a new cd, let alone two, out on the same day. So yeah look into it: you can steal music from Amazon legallyCollapse ).

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06:12pm 30/12/2004
mood: blah
So I figure ten weeks has been a while for not updating so here I did that survey thing. Enjoy.
freaking long survey thingCollapse )

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09:49pm 23/09/2004
  So I was looking and I guess it's been six weeks since I last updated. Which just seems wrong somehow but I guess it's true because my computer said so. So yeah it be me all. I really have come to hate tuesdays and thursdays. Mostly because of soccer practice, but also because it means I don't get to come home until like eight. Which is a very depressing thought when one is nice and warm in bed and it's time to get up. Today was rather boring for the most part. Nothing really exciting happened at all but I guess that's the way it goes for the most part. The office was okay though. I chilled with Rachel and we set up stuff for the little school children for red ribbon week. Then we had to haul boxes to the back. There was much laughter at this and her genius way of weighing everything instead of counting it all out which really bites. Plus Shirley was there again. She's there like all the time now which is kinda cool because she sort of knows me now kinda. Fernando was there today which was cool because Fernando is just cool like that. Not that anyone who will read this actually cares, but yeah. Oh shoot Juli I forgot to tell you two minutes ago about how Bright Eyes is coming to town sometime soon. Which would be kinda really cool, no? I'm going to stop here because I think ER is on tonight. Ciao my peoples.  

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I know it's lame, but seriously, hotest cartoon charecter ever.   
09:20pm 10/08/2004

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Back when we were sadistic little children...   
06:55pm 03/08/2004
  Remember those crazy hand clappy games people used to play in elementary school? I have no recollection of them being the beginnings of sadomasochistic tendencies when I played them. Dean came home with a new one the other day and played it with Myranda, it involved a weird hand clap rhyme thingy then rock, paper, scissors and the loser gets hit in the arm after a cute little chant involving something about a bruise because it rhymes with lose. Crazy. Speaking of other masochistic things, today I had senior pictures. I inhaled so much face powder stuff I seriously thought I was going to suffocate to death before my picture was even taken. My mom kept telling me I looked so very normal. I think it was supposed to be a compliment especially after seeing that girl in there with the up-do and fake eyelashes, but I'm still not entirely sure. The photographer guy was kinda creepy and kept yelling at me either to smile wider or stop blinking neither of which I could do despite what he said. Jeez man I can't help that I blink every time a bright light is flashed in my eyes. But yeah, otherwise nothing all that exciting. At work today the interns got free Rubio's and we hung out there with the interns-who-are-actually-paid and discussions on Dean Cain and his resemblance to Scott Peterson ensued. To me however, he will always be Ripley. On other random news, we just got a whole buncha new cable stations so now I get to watch the awesomely cheesy Canadian high school drama things on Noggin. Damn those shows are awesome. Also the game show network has the best reruns and now I'm addicted to newlywed game episodes from the seventies. Yup there's another wonderful update for the people. Maybe next time I'll write about something exciting like when my cousin came down, but for now this is what you get. Cheers.  

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meme from Deborah   
05:10pm 01/07/2004
  name your "top ten" songs & include lyric excerpts.

favorite songs/obsessed songsCollapse )

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from valleygrrrl   
09:58pm 25/05/2004
  If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.  

(God knows we'll try )

I couldn't find any cheez-wiz...   
07:33pm 23/05/2004
mood: complacent
There was an awesome german newspaper article were the only english word was loser then a picture of some random german dude as my background but alas the image was to big and I was to lazy to fiddle with it so instead there is a chimp sniffing flowers. Which is pretty cute actually and not very loser-ish at all. Oh well. So today after juli plans fell through I went to see shrek 2. Puss in Boots was the best part, crazy little Spanish assassin kitty. It was really cute and funny with many references to other fairy tales and yeah just go see it. Uhh I really don't have much else to say I got chewed out last time for not posting when I changed the background so here it is. woot.

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I should be studying like everyone else I was just talking to but screw that   
08:53pm 27/04/2004
mood: complacent
I'm not really in the hardcore study mood currently so I'll wait until next week to log in hardcore hours in the silent section of the library. So instead I'll entertain all the non-AP tester people by updating. whoo. So I guess I'll start with my Sunday because it was spent doing non-six flags related things because a misscommunication error caused it to fall through. Again with the avoidence of studying, I decided to watch some movies. Actually it was more like the same movie repeatedly. After a few hours of that plus mindless hours logged on the computer and not talking to anyone I decided I need to get out of the house so I took my little sister to the mall, partly because she was loaded and I was broke. We drove to the Plaza Bonita mall because I felt like driving farther away than the crappy little chula vista one and let's face it that one sucks. So we went to the other, indoor airconditioned mall. The little one was on a mission to find a wallet but insead got one of those crazy charecter pillows. Plus there was some chillin' at the Disney store due to the amazement over the fact that there was one. We were there for about an hour (a fourth of the time was spent looking for parking) but we still had time to kill so we drove down to Rhor park for some happy sister bonding time. We walked around the whole thing, talking, laughing at the little kids playing flag football and pointing out spots we recognized from various soccer practices/cross country meets. Then we got to the part with the really big hill and I dared her to roll down it which she did because she's entertaining like that. It was pretty funny and the little kids who were smart enough to slide down on pieces of cardboard were staring at her. The rolling incident caused a massive stomach ache so it was off to 7-11 for the wonderful cure-all known as the slurpee. By that time we were both incredibly broke so there was much coin scraping/pooling. We had to get the tiny ones and at first we didn't have enough so I had to run back to tear apart my car looking for spare change while Myranda incurred the wrath of the anrgy 7-11 lady. Thankfully I found a quarter, sadly this was the only one we had so we had to pay the rest in nickles and dimes which didn't make 7-11 very happy but hey we're poor punk teenagers so I don't see how she could have expected any different. After that we went home happy with our tiny little 12 oz slurpees, which are only like ten cents cheaper then the next size (22oz)up but sadly we couldn't even come up with the extra twenty cents to upgrade the slurpees. All was good though because we had slurpees and I got to watch and laugh at Myranda roll down a giant hill. At home the rest of the day was spent lounging around, cleaning and watching the same movie again only this time with the director commentary. All in all a very rewarding day.

This is going backwards because saterday wasn't as interesting as sunday because I don't remember most of it. Myranda and I did get to go to Rubio's to hang with karin for all of two minutes. Plus we got fish tacos. And it was crazy because the dude who walked in behind us was Arthur Ricario and his family which made me snicker. His mom is really short. I can't remember anything else so I guess this is where I stop for now.

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06:10pm 06/04/2004
  I have this strange urge to repeatedly bang my head against the computer desk.
I am exasperated.

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02:43pm 06/04/2004
mood: pissed off
Few and far between but here comes another one. Yes my friends it's an update. So I'll start with my weekend. Soccer tournament in Bakersfield. Long and boring and we didn't qualify for the next round. Avoid Bakersfield at all costs. Drove back on Sunday and didn't get home until like 11. Monday the time change messed with me or something and I got up really early. I left my radio on and there were random nirvana songs and interviews. I came to the computer and planned to spend the rest of the day like most of break has gone: me sitting in front of the computer signed on and no one talking to me. Yes you should all feel guilty now. Then April called demanding money for concert tickets. Apperently there was a need to repay the younger brother. So she stopped by and dropped off tickets in exchange for money. Then there was shopping because I was invited to go with her to pick up her cardigan. Wandering around UTC which is a really crappy mall. Then I chilled at her house for awhile and then we ended up at mine. she left around 12:45. First contact with friends since scooby doo. And now I am here, typing.

I hate you. I really really do. ass.

Spending my day sitting at home staring at my ceiling or the computer screen. Save me someone.

Thursday I'm going to be stuck on yet another long car ride as the family will be treking up to Eureka thus killing all my other plans and ending vacation because we don't return until Sunday night. I really don't want to be stuck in a car for upwards of 16 hours but I really have no choice. joy. I've realized sitting here has made me increasingly bitter and angry. damn.

The phone rings but it's never for me. My little brother gets more phone calls than I do. There's something wrong with that.

So here I am listing to depressing music and the cure and I need to get out of the house before I explode, I'm going to go sit outside.

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11:56pm 31/03/2004
  Heh heh I'm being stalked...  

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06:02pm 30/03/2004
I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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crazy survey thing   
09:00pm 26/02/2004
4_BROTHER(S)'s NAME(S): Dean
5_SISTER(S)'s NAME(S): Myranda
6_FAVORITE AUNT: Kathy (I have 2 named kathy heh heh...)
7_FAVORITE UNCLE: Uncle Ron I guess b/c I see him the most
8_FAVORITE GRANDPARENT: I'm going to pick one from each side, grandpa Hess and grandma Hammitt so there
9_WORST RELATIVE: I don't know. I've got some crazy relatives but no one that's still related is evil...
10_BEST RELATIVE: I can't pick!
12_DOES ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY UNDERSTAND YOU? I don't get myself so if they do I'm shocked

2_WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES : Piper and Bismarck
3_WHAT KIND OF PETS ARE THEY: jack russell terrier, BAMFP

1_EMINEM: chocolate
2_DOG: hot
3_HOT: ness
6_REAL WORLD: crazy people
7_ORANGE: juli + me
8_CHOICE: indesision
9_FUCK: there was no need for cursing...
10_BISEXUAL: fence
11_BLACK: white
12_ICQ: random letters
13_INSANE CLOWN POSSE: more crazy people
14_LINKIN PARK: a band
15_JACK: my crazy uncle
16_RAINBOW: uh...
17_CUCUMBER: angely
18_SHARK: jaws and the turtle
20_BAT: man!
21_LEATHER: lace
22_WHIP: tigers
23_AMERICAN: uncle sam
24_WATER: clear
25_VOLCANO: Pompeii

3_WISH YOU TALKED TO MORE: uh... karin and ian
4_WISH YOU SAW MORE: karin and ian
5_HOW MANY FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE: I know a lot of people...
6_WHO DRIVES YOU INSANE AFTER A WHILE: everyone. I'm irritable
8_EVER LOSE A GOOD FRIEND BECAUSE YOU TOOK IT TO THE 'NEXT LEVEL': yeah funny story about that... oh wait that wasn't me
9_CRAZIEST: I'd have to agree that Emily be nuts yo
10_LOUDEST: karin because of the cheer-ness and the car cursing
11_SHYEST: Emily, not around us around other people
12_BEST HAIR: adam's facial hair muahaha...
14_BEST EYES: uh... I don't know
15_BEST BODY: weird question
17_SEX SYMBOL: hee hee
19_MOST IMPATIENT: that'd have to be me...
20_SHORTEST: emily
21_TALLEST: adam
22_TALENTED: uh all in different ways
23_BEST SINGER(S): none of you guys that's for sure. well maybe christian because of the whole musical thing
24_SKINNIEST: tina
25_NICEST: me
26_BEST PERSONALITY: we all compliment each other so it all works...
27_BIGGEST DRUG USER: karin (heh heh)

01. Do you stuff your bra? well there was that one time where it sorta fell out and it was really embarassing... wait that wasn't me
02. Have you ever? ...what?
03. What make-up do you wear daily? depends
04. What are your underwear like right now? grey
05. How many pairs of shoes do you own? many pairs of sport related shoes and like 3 pairs of dress shoes
06. Come on, tell the truth. Is that really your true hair color? nope. you all knew that though
07. What do you most like about your body? my hair color. wait that's fake. my eyes I guess
08. And least? my dirty dirty fingernails
09. How many fillings do you have? a lot
10. Do you think you're good looking? totally I am the epitome of good looking
11. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking? sadly other people haven't noticed, except those two guys at the mall that one time who whistled... that was weird
12. Do you look like any celebrities? It was a running joke freshmen soccer that I looked like that one girl from that one movie
13. Do you like a man with muscles or not? is it possible to be muscle-less?
15. Does your dream guy have long or short hair? (juli lies) short
17. How long is your leg hair? really long because I haven't shaved in a while because I can wear pants and cover it
21. How are your eyebrows? fine I guess
23. What was the last concert you attended? this crazy youth thing at my curch with this crazy christan singer guy
25. Can you dance? watch me bust a move yo
26. Can you lick your nipple? I've never tried and I'm not going to to prove I can
27. Do you struggle with self-esteem? I'm a teenager who doesn't at this age?
28. Do you or have you ever had an eating disorder? depends what you mean...
29. When was your first period? and you care because...?
30. If you unexpectedly got pregnant, what would you do? freak. hardcore.
31. Future daughters/sons names?
32. Are you pro-choice? nope
33. Do your underwear and bras usually match? not usually and if so it's by accident

01. Any good memories from this year? yeah
02. Any bad memories from this year? of course
03. Do you regret anything from this year? yeah
04. Do you regret anything you've ever done? well if I regret something I've done this year, isn't it a given?
05. Weapon of choice? biting sarcasm
06. Have you ever had braces? twice
07. What is your best childhood memory? playing with the oregon cousins
08. Do you have the same friends you did when you were 10 and under? very few
09. What was your favorite childhood toy? the clown rattle
10. What was your favorite cartoon when you were four? no clue
11. What was your favorite movie as a child? um... I don't know, something disney
12. Did you ever suck your thumb? not really
13. What color hair did you have as a kid? light brown
14. What was your first word? momma I think...
15. How did your parents name you? My mom named me after a crazy drawing thing and joan is her middle name
16. What does your name mean? of the sea (there is irony here)

01. Current Song: It was "the Reason" by Hoobastank but it changed while I was typing this and now it's Incubus "Megalomaniac"
02. Current CD in player: something burned, white blood cells and celebrity skin
03. Current conversations: none
04. Current time: 9:31
05. Current clothes: a yellow sweatshirt, a blue shirt and jeans
06. Current hair: up very messy-ily
07. Current taste: not eatin
08. Current mood: complacent
09. Current smell: nothing
10. Current thing you should be doing: studying for history
11. Current desktop picture: water lillies
12. Current favorite group: white stripes
13. Current book: the Great Gatsby/ The Canturbury Tales/ Mrs. Dalloway
14. Current refreshment: nothin'
15. Current worry: the history test I'm not studying for
16. Current crush: this is a stupid question because I said so.

(God knows we'll try )